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***Strategy Guide***

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (Important, read this first!)
2. General Tips
3. Bond's Moves
4. Weapons
5. Gadgets
6. The Levels

Copyright Stuff

This guide is the property of Jesse Thiessen. It was conceived by him and written by him, even he did steal a few clever phrases from other people, which luckily, they did not copyright. For now, this guide is only authorized to appear on Anybody wishing to put this guide on their site must contact him at


I would like to thank Jared, Shane, and all of for posting my writings, even they didn't exactly make a ton of sense and had to be edited a little. They also made me start to love writing, and were probably the main cause of getting me an A on my persuasive paper.

I would like to thank my stepbrother Kurt for helping me realize there's one game I can kick his butt at and giving me valuable multiplayer experience.

And finally, I would like to thank Michael Duff for introducing me to this wonderful game in the first place.

© 2000 Jesse Thiessen
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