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WWF No Mercy: CAW Special
Written By: Roger Taylor

As some of you may know, I am a huge wrestling fan, and have loved all of THQ's wrestling games for N64.  However, like most wrestling fans, I am incredibly anal about having ALL of my favorite WWF superstars included in the game.  So, for your convenience, I have decided to post all the real-life wrestlers I have forged using the Create-a-Wrestler feature in WWF: No Mercy.  Enjoy. (Note: if there are any costumes or props that you don't see, you probably have to buy them at the Smackdown Mall in the game)
First, here is how you make the WWF superstars that were left out of the game by THQ for various reasons:
The Big Show:
Profile/Music Screen
Name: Paul Wight
Short Name: Paul Wight
Alias: The Big Show
Picture: Edit 3
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 349 lbs.
Music: Original 7
Titantron: None
Appearance Edit Screen
Body: Fat 1
Head: Male 1
Face: Male 80
Hair: Short 2
Front Hair: 16
Facial Hair: 2
Masks/etc: None
Hats/Caps: None
Ring Attire: Semi-Short (under Shorts)
Upper Body: Tanktop 3 (under No Sleeve)
Tattoo: None
Gloves: None
Wrist Band: None
Elbow Pad: None
Knee Pad: None
Feet: Boots 1
Entrance Attire: None
Weapons/Props: None
Profile/Music Screen
Name: Raven
Short Name: Raven
Alias: None
Picture: Edit 2
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 236 lbs.
Music: Original 4
Titantron: None
Appearance Edit Screen
Body: Medium 2
Head: Male 1
Face: Male 27
Hair: Middle 3
Front Hair: 7
Facial Hair: 9
Masks/etc: None
Hats/Caps: None
Ring Attire: Cut Jeans 2 (under Shorts)
Upper Body: Cut sleeves (under No Sleeve)
Tattoo: Tazz
Gloves: Taping
Wrist Band: None
Elbow Pad: Pad
Knee Pad: Knee Pad 1
Feet: Boots 5
Entrance Attire: Biker Flannel
Weapons/Props: None
Profile/Music Screen
Name: Gangrel
Short Name: Gangrel
Alias: None
Picture: Gangrel
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Music: RAW
Titantron: None
Appearance Edit Screen
Body: Medium 2
Head: Male 7
Face: Male 43
Hair: Long 1
Front Hair: Front Hair 07
Facial Hair: None
Masks/etc: Edge (under Accessories)
Hats/Caps: None
Ring Attire: Eddie 1 (under Long)
Upper Body: Gothic (under Long Sleeve)
Tattoo: None
Gloves: None
Wrist Band: None
Elbow Pad: None
Knee Pad: None
Feet: Boots 20
Entrance Attire: None
Weapons/Props: Goblet
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