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GameCube & PS2: Great Bedfellows?
Written By: Josh Fishburn

The PS2 has what Nintendon't, to be sure.  But let us not forget that Nintendon't have a lot of the excess that Sony's systems are famous for. 
Since you can only play Nintendo's marquee titles on their systems, their fans have little choice of which system to buy.  On the other hand, if you are a glutton for an overabundance of variety, the system for you is PS2.  Such is
the dilemma I faced, until I realized that I had enough money for both systems.  Out of all the two-system combinations of the big three you could have, I find the GameCube and PS2 to be the most harmonious.  Why not Xbox?  I have not seen anything on Xbox yet that made me think: "I MUST play this!"  Having a PS2 already, I decided to invite a GameCube to join the nest of game systems next to my TV.

First of all, lets talk about the PS2.  It's a great system so far.  Not only has it dominated the sales for the big three new console systems, it also has the largest selection of exciting current and upcoming games.  On the hardware side, they also have a sturdy system; a DVD player included, a great controller with a nice long cord, and is the first system to go online.  Not bad if you ask me.  Still, not good enough.  The temptress that is Nintendo gives me a small taste of GameCube in playing short demos at Best Buy and a few games at friends' places.

In this corner, we have the GameCube.  The Cube has some of the most unique titles around.  As always, Nintendo promises quality over quantity so we don't see the same rush of games that PS2 has bombarding the market.  What we have seen so far is a few great trips down memory lane (Super Mario Sunshine,
Resident Evil, Super Smash Brothers Melee) and some truly unique experiences (Animal Crossing, Pikmin).  The Cube is also a nice, compact system.  Nintendo's standard setting four controller ports from the Nintendo 64 are carried
over to the Cube, along with another great controller.

So, like peanut butter and jelly before them, the GameCube and PS2 work well together in spite of their very different tastes.  I love both tastes, and here is why.  The PS2 has nearly every genre represented, and represented
well, except for the NGTR (Nintendo Games That Rock) genre.  GameCube does not have extensive online support, PS2 does.  Sony has a built in DVD player for the PS2, Nintendo focuses strictly on games.  The list goes on and on, but you can see that wherever one is lacking the other takes over.  That makes for a great sandwich.  Tasty!

I was able to tolerate having only a PS2 until one game: Metroid Prime.  Why is it that when Nintendo starts to hype a game I am initially impressed, slowly digress, then finally am distressed because I can't get my hands on a

Posted: 1-20-03
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