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N64 Games of the Month:
October 2000

Written By: Chris Lee

Yes Iím a wimp. I admit it. There were two prime choices for Game of the Month this month and I couldnít pick just one so I made them co-winners. I was so torn because one is another game in a series that I LOVE and the other is in a genre that I LOVE. So you have two games that I heartily recommend this month. Well thatís all I have to say about that. Keep it real folks! And youíre GotM co-winners are!...


Legend of Zelda 2: Majora's Mask by Nintendo
October 26, 2000

Features: Check out the website for the extensive list.

Outlook: Well what can you say about this game? Itís a Zelda game. now for the devilís advocate portion of the outlook. Is it just me or does it seem too soon? I mean, Iíve heard itís better than "Ocarina of Time" but I dunno, it just seems way too soon. Iím sure Iíll get over it once I play but I guess the big N had me wait so long for the first one that even another year would seem too soon. EVEN SO! Itís still Zelda and all must bow down to itís greatness. This and Ogre Battle will have earned their place in your hearts as co-Game of the Month winners! I Gare Un Tee!



Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber by ATLUS
October 5, 2000


*320 megabit cart

*94 main characters

*43 different scenarios.

*New character classes.

*Alignment and elementals.

*Quest changes depending on player choices.

*Isometric sprite graphics.

*Polygonal map.

*Hire up to 200 soldiers

*Legions and grouping abilities.

*New waypoint system

Outlook: Ogre Battle. The game is almost legendary at this point. People that were hooked on the game when it was first released on the SNES seem to still have fond, almost rabid, memories of the game. It was one of the first strategy games to hook youngsters back in the day and has spawned a few children of itís own. Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts come to mind. For Strategy/RPG fans the game is a must have in every sense of the word. It has quite a large cart, bigger than Perfect Dark and Zelda in fact and will undoubtedly contain a lengthy quest. Itís one of those games that, if you walked by a video of it playing, you wonít think twice about it. Rather itís one of those games youíd have to sit down and play for a while to appreciate and get hooked on. But once you do, quit your job and tell your parents youíre quitting school, youíll be in for the long haul. As I said earlier, strategy/RPG fans, this is a must buy! Game of the Month co-winner.


International Track and Field 2000 by Konami
October 6, 2000



*One of the most beautiful sports games, ever! Vibrant graphics and lifelike motion-captured movements capture the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

*Go for gold! Different individual international competitions on each game system, including sprinting, weightlifting, gymnastics, and swimming. Single event or Championship modes. Collect them all!

*Lighting fast gameplay! Challenging and unique techniques for each individual sport capture the spirit of the arcade classic

*Multiplayer madness! Compete head-to-head in intense athletic battle on PlayStation and N64. Non-stop action for up to 4 players!

Outlook: Itís back baby! That finger tappin, button mashin, blister busting game is back! Track and Field 2000 has arrived! Now that thatís out of the way, I gotta say, Iím really glad to see it back. From what I understand, there may be different events on each system. Like some on PSX, and different ones on N64. Not sure on that though. At any rate, itís a good time for the game to come out, some of the hype of the olympics is sure to rub off on this title. Itís sure to be a great party title thatíll have you and your friends get your hands bandaged afterwards.


Big Mountain 2000 by Southpeak Interactive
October 10, 2000




*Licensed gear from Saloman, Bonfire and Onyone

*3 modes

Time attack

2-player battle

Championship-vs comp

*3 games at every stage-Free style, slalom, Giant slalom

*Stamina meter-the more you fall the harder it is to get up

*Instant replay

*Course changes as skills increase

*Bonus stage and hidden characters

*Coolness counts-impress the judges with your stunts, and gain new abilities

*Special stunts for both skiing and snowboarding

*As skills advance, equipment options increase

Outlook: Right off the bat Iíll tell you, graphically the game isnít impressive, which is a big strike against it because in games of this nature, great graphics and a sense of speed is essential. Why hasnít anyone made another 1080 snowboarding? Or a waverace? Oh god Iím about to start ranting. This isnít the time.

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