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Staff Picks: Favorite Video Game Theme Songs
Introduction By: J. Michael Neal

Conclusion By: AJ Middleton

Music is one of the most powerful triggers the brain has, possessing the ability to retrieve some of the most vivid memories our minds can store. That is possibly why certain tunes remain so endearing for gamers. The right melody can unleash a thousand hour’s worth of feelings. It can make you experience Zelda for the first time - all over again, or relive six month’s worth of Final Fantasy III in an instant. It can take you back to a childhood spent hording quarters for the arcade, or the first console you ever saw. It can make you think of a game you just played yesterday and something you haven’t seen for 20 years with the same accuracy. Anticipation, relief, disappointment, frustration, joy, sorrow, all these emotions can be locked deep within the simplest song.

Below is an account of the songs that meant the most to our staff. These are the keepers of our most cherished gaming memories. These are the songs that stuck in our heads, stood out among the rest, defined a moment in time, or just plain kicked the most ass. They are the ones we consider synonymous with a particular game –when we see the game, we instantly think of the song, when we hear the song, we instantly think of the game; from licensed music, like “Tricky” and SSX Tricky, to orchestral scores, like the Halo theme, to tinny old Atari songs. These are the catchiest, coolest, most powerful, most memorable tracks we could think of. So, without further adieu, our favorite video game theme songs of all time…

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Posted: 12-13-03
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