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N64 Is the More Mature Console!
Written By: Roger Taylor

What pops into your head when you think of the word 'kiddy'? I'm sure that 'Nintendo' was one of the things that you thought about. Don't be ashamed, it is only natural. After all, being that you are on a video game site, the word 'Nintendo' is probably flying through your brain already; and after years of having fans Sony fans scream "Nintendo is for little babies!" into our ear, we have begun, in a way, to accept it as fact. Don't believe me? Why then, do so many Nintendo fans furiously lash out at others when they mention the word 'kiddy'? It is because the connection of Nintendo=kiddy has been ingrained deep in their subconscious, so they believe there is some truth to it, even though they don't want to admit it. I believed this too, for a long time, until recently when I compiled some data, and found some shocking results:

-8% of all Playstation games are rated Mature.
-9% of all Nintendo 64 games are rated Mature.

That's right. As a percentage, Nintendo 64 has more M-rated games than the PSX does. So the next time someone walks up to you and says, "Playstation is the most mature console!" You can simply reply, "No, it isn't." Being that nothing else has worked so far, hopefully numerical proof should be able to convince people that Nintendo actually has nothing against the making of M-rated games. And thus, I am going to retract a statement I made in the VGF Forums not long ago when I said "GameCube will be completely different from N64, in that it will have more mature games," or something to that effect. I am going to change that statement to the following: "GameCube will be just as mature as the Nintendo 64, in that it will have more than enough games to satisfy everyone's tastes."

By the way, if you don't believe me, you can go onto the Entertainment Software Ratings Board ( website and check for yourself. Once there do a "power search" and look for all N64 games or all PSX games with a Mature label. Be sure to check back sometime in following week to read my follow up article, "Defining Mature." Thank you, and goodnight.
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