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The 2002 VGF Staff Awards!

Welcome to the 2002 VGF Awards!  The following are our picks for the very best games of 2002 on both the GBA and GameCube.  For the PS2 awards click here, and for the Xbox awards click here.

Voting took place throughout January in the secure Staff Forum using the forum's poll feature.  Any staff member (NGF, PSGF, or XGF) could vote in any poll, but had to first vote before seeing the results of that poll.  Each poll presented one of several different options, and staff members were encouraged to write-in any games they felt should be honored that were not included in the poll.  Staff members were also encouraged to comment on why they picked the game they picked, thus throughout the awards you'll find some of these comments for both winning and runner-up titles.

With that out of the way, it's time for the awards!  Click here to go through the awards in alphabetical order, or click below to visit each award individually.

Posted: 3-24-03
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