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NGF Mailbag - Edition #4
Jan. 6th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

I believe, actually I know "Clayfighter: sculptures cut" is the best video game in existence. The bad thing is it is only a blockbuster rental exclusive. Do you know of any way I can get ahold of this game for personal ownership?

Also, I've seen move lists for ready 2 rumble boxing and compared them. The one for dreamcast has more special moves than the one for n64. Does that mean the n64 version is missing some of the special moves or that the n64 list I looked at was incomplete. Go to and you'll know what i'm talking about. It's the only place where i can find movelists for r2rb.

All right, this will be one of the last times I say this people...(yeah, right) if youíre looking for out of the ordinary games, go to ebay. If not there, you could check out a local Funcoland, but donít hold your breath on that one.

And while you guys are there...could you pick me up a copy of Herzog Zwei? Iím dyiní to own that one again.

As for the move lists...who cares? Ready to Rumble was bad the first time around, and throwing in Michael Jackson certainly isnít what I would categorize under Ďimprovementsí. But to answer your question, who knows? Itís entirely possible that there are moves unique to each platform, though my money would probably go on the Ďrandom people writing game faqs may not all have the same dataí horse to take first. Sadly, I can be no more informative on this subject since I have not purchased the game, and in fact, am in contact with no one willing to admit that they have.

[separate e-mail, same guy]

Tell everybody in the world that "Clayfighter: Sculptures Cut" is the best game in existence, because it definitely is by far. Maybe then Interplay would start selling the game in stores rather than making it exclusively a blockbuster rental. I don't know what I just said. But, whatever. Maybe you can help me.

The crack they must pass out at colleges in Massachusetts has got to be of medical grade. Your astoundingly poor taste in fighting games is surpassed only by your annoying propensity to repeat yourself.




I need help in this [Banjo-Tooie] game.

1. How and where do you get the split up pad?

2. How do I get to Whitchy whitch world from Glitter Gulch Mine?

Once again, I would like to direct your attention to the wonderful work being done over at and encourage you to patronize their offerings, since this is their specialty.

Normally, I would attempt to locate some information specific to your problem, but the fact is, Iíve been pretty backed up with my game-playing lately and just started Banjo-Tooie last week. With only a few hours invested in it, I was loathe to spoil the game for myself to solve your dilemma. Sorry for making myself a Iím not. But as a peace offering, Iíll direct you to this location: 

and wish you the best of luck. Also, please drop a line to the writer of whatever faq you use and thank them for their effort...itís just good business.


hi my name is sam.i am just wondering if you are going to buy game cube do you think it is worth it or not? gamecube will be priced at how much?do you think that this delay is really going to happen. if so for how long?

from the one and only samborino

Hello Samborino. Yes, I will definitely buy a Gamecube. I am very happy with my N64, even though there are only about ten games I use it for, but those ten games are simply phenomenal. I have no reason to expect less of Nintendoís next console and I, in fact, expect more. It will likely be $150 at launch (weíre all hoping) and a delay is very possible. In fact, youíd be silly not to believe there will be a delay, since thus far, Mario and delays are Nintendoís singular domain. They will not let it slide past next Christmas though, because that would be suicide with the Xbox releasing and the second wave of PS2 titles showing their capabilities as well as their teeth.


when you say that GTA 2 is coming out for n64, what summer was that in? cuz it still aint here and its 2000! and if it is here, tell me where to get it please. its my favorite game and i want it. so tell me where to get it and if it is out


To be honest Kurt, I have no idea when we said that GTA2 was coming out for N64, and I didnít see anything about an N64 version when I scoured the web in response to your inquiry. Not at the DMA site (the developers, for those who donít follow these games) nor at high-profile fan sites. I did, however, see mention of GTA3, but it is apparently coming out for the PS2 later this year. Sorry bro. But GTA games suck anyway.



Hi , I just bought the New Century game system and I dont know where to get games can you help me?

Sadly, while I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on video game systems and their history, I have never heard of the system you mention. Once again, I will need more information before I can help you, though I will make this suggestion before we hear from you again. Did you try buying games for your system in the same manner you acquired the system itself? Iím just sayiní...


Subject: how can i get my hands on this game?

the game is virtual pro wrestling 2

that would be most helpful and by the way have a nice day!

Good lord, this guy actually had something nice to say after asking for our help! I think I may have to get a kleenex...

Okay, as for finding this game, the only place I came up that has it is (in stock, even!) for $69.99. Go here: and look in the Nintendo 64 import section. I would link directly to it, but the site doesnít segregate itself like that.



Iíd make some appropriately snide comments about the capitals, then a slanderous joke about a five-year old using their motherís computer at work (the e-mail account is with an insurance company) but Iím just too exhausted with the onslaught of unintelligible requests.

I give up, here:

1983: Nintendo releases the Famicom (The Japanese NES)
1986: The NES is released in America
1989: Gameboy is released in America
1990: Super Famicom released in Japan
1991: Super NES released in America
1994: Virtual Boy released in Japan
1995: Virtual Boy released in America
1996: Nintendo64 released in Japan
1996: Nintendo64 released in America
1996: Gameboy Pocket released
1998: Gameboy Color released


I am trying to find the game Hydro Thunder for N64. I know they make it because we have rented it before.

Do you sell it or know where I can get it?

No, sadly we do not maintain any kind of stock regarding gaming. I suggest you go to Toys Ďrí Us or any other place that sells games. Of course, thatís just me. You may feel free to scour your local hardware stores and the occasional Yarn Barn if you feel the need.

Do I sound bitter? Perhaps itís because youíre sending out e-mails asking people who could live anywhere in the world where it is that you can go to obtain a game. So tell you what, Iíll tell you exactly where you can get Hydro Thunder: Take the 96th street cross-town bus to the west side of the park, go past CPW, Columbus and then Amsterdam to Broadway. From here you can either walk up to 106th, or you can take a bus/cab (thereís a bus stop on the east side of the street right in front of the Citibank) and go to Software Etc. You can then ask the clerk there if they carry it. If not, you can take the 103rd St. entrance to the 1,9,2 or 3 and take the express (2/3) to the 42nd St. stop. Transfer there to the N/R and go down to 14th St./Union Square stop and get out on the east side of the park where you will find a Toys Ďrí Us just waiting for you to figure out where the door is.

Did that help?

Of course, you could just make some phone calls in your area, but that makes too much sense, doesnít it?



Would you please put a review of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 on the website for me? Thank you.

Iíll put it right here:

It sucks. Buy Zelda.

And there we are!

-Adrian V. would like to know if anyone has any real questions for him. Or if they can spell the word Ďquestioní.
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