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NGF Mailbag - Edition #7
July 5th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

how can you send a code in i cant type it in

Jared – You typed this, so what's the problem?


I have a new game for you: Dinosaur Planet from: rare ware

Jared – Actually, we’ve had that one on our Release List for a while now…



Jared – Nope, we’ve got that one on the release list too.


Ok, i was looking at the preview of the futher game luigis mansion and i looked at the ghosted and i started to wonder why arnt they boos why are they weird looking ghosts. i dont really like that to tell you the truth i want the boos.

Jared – Well, to my knowledge no one has said that those aren’t "Boos". It could just be a more mature and sophisticated look for them. But whether they're Boos or not, it’d look pretty weird to have cartoony ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion’s darker environments.


hey i was curious about the robocop game for Game Boy Advance. I noticed it on your list of games to be released at certain times and wondered if you knew information about it or where I could find some information. Thanks.

Jared – Basically, it’s going to be a side-scrolling shooter, just like the original SNES/Genesis version. If you liked that, you’ll like this one.


What you can improve upon? Give Zelda: OoT the low score it deserves. How much do you and the other major review site get bribed?

Jared – Each site that gave Zelda: OoT a high score (which was almost every single site) was paid a cool $1 million. Or it could just be that reviews are individual opinion, and I happened to enjoy the game.


could you please tell me how to do the 3 d by the dudleys ? i also have found almost all my hidden wrestlers except linda mcmahon. would you have a clue how i would save all my data?  cause my game after a while usually deletes after a period of time.if you could please write me back at
i would appreciate it .thank you for your time

Roger – The Dudley Death Drop, or 3D, is accomplished by having both Dudleys in the ring at the same time. Whip your opponent into the ropes with either Dudley (doesn't matter which) and when they come running back have both Bubba Ray and D-Von grab the person at the same time using the A-button. Provided you both hit A at the exact same time, you should do a beautiful 3D.

As for Linda McMahon, while she is in the opening video, the best I can tell she is not a playable character.

As far as saving your data goes, it appears as if you picked up a first shipment copy of No Mercy. The first shipment of the game has a glitch in which all of your data is deleted randomly. Best advice I can give is to feel sorry for yourself. There is no way to fix the problem and I have never heard of THQ giving refunds or anything because of the problem. Still, it could never hurt to write them about it.


Are there any dragonball z games for n64?

Jared – No. Now go away.
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