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NGF Mailbag - Edition #1
Nov. 8th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to


I am a big Squaresoft fan and i have been looking for its great Chrono trigger. i have looked for it but the cheapest price i could find was $51 so i was wondering if you can find me a pirated copy of Chrono trigger for a way cheaper price.

Jared: Piracy is bad, very bad.  So the answer is no.


My name is Mario Eilert and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm a die-hard NINTENDO fan and I'm very excited about the new console from big N.
I read the specs of the system and I have a few questions and maybe you can answer them.

1. Is the disc for de GC specially/only developed for the system?
2. How large is de capacity of the disc? 1.5 GB?
3. Is there an option for DVD-playback?
4. Last month, the new console was released for the press. Is the system totally completed and ready for sale or are they still working on the system for enhancements/perfection? Can they still make modifications on the system before release date?

ared: 1) Yes, but Nintendo has talked about using it in future systems (such as the handheld after the GBA).
2) Yes.
3) Panasonic (Matsushita) will offer a version of the Gamecube that will play DVD movies, but no release date has been announced for that yet.
4) The hardware is complete, but the games need to be completed for a successful launch.


I have one big Question.........WHY CANT YOU HAVE A DRAGONBALL Z GAme FOR NINTENDO 64?????? i wsh that it would be made at least for the Dolphin.I love dbz and i would like it even better if a dbz game is on the horizon?i am a current subscriber to nintendo power and i have seen many people ask the same question to them.and they say there are no predications that it will be out.SO PLEASE CHECK OR ASK NINTENDO ABOUT IT BECAUSE I CAnT ASK NINTENDO. thanks

Jared: Who cares?  Most anime-based games end up crap anyway.  We don't know when a Nintendo system will see a DBZ game.


Is Game cube is going to be better than x box or x box going to be better?

Jared: In terms of hardware, the Xbox will be the better system.  In terms of game quality though, no one can match a Nintendo game.  So it really depends on how much third-party support each system receives.


Is the rumor true about a new game system called 
the dolphin? If so, when can I expect to see it on 
retail shelves? (I live in Atlanta if that matters at all.)

Jared: The final name for Nintendo's next system 
is Gamecube.  It should be on shelves next fall.


I am looking for the tetris II game for super ninetendo for a gift.  can you help????

Jared: When in doubt, try Funcoland.  If you can't find it there, then Ebay is probably your best option.


Do you want to know the secret about GAMECUBE?

The handle is the secret.  Video game consoles are toys,  and Nintendo wants the consumer to believe it's a creative toy (or not a toy), so they put a handle on it.

The part of the message is to the parents: "Hey, you can buy this to your kids. They can be creative with GAMECUBE."

Ask yourself these questions:

Is Nintendo 64 a toy?
Is Game Boy a toy?
Is GAMECUBE a toy?

The name CUBE derives from Rubik's Cube which is a creative toy.  It has sold millions of pieces.


I've already read funny stories about what the writer would do with GAMECUBE. Just because of the handle and the shape.  Boys and girls, you're already being creative!

Nintendo is smart.

Jared: Well...that is certainly an interesting theory.  You're certainly right though that Nintendo does want to position itself as more of a toy and focus more on the younger than Sony and Microsoft do (by focusing purely on games).


I loved your editorial, it was very refreshing to see that someone out there has there own opinion. And not one they read in a magazine. Most people that say the Nintendo64 is for kids probably read it in a magazine and are to simple minded to make an opinion of there own.  I thank you for defending a great company that has the originality and the skill to keep us wanting to play more of there games.


send me a book please

Jared: Sure, no problem.  Just send us $19.99 USD, and we'll send you "100 Reasons Why VGF Rulez!".


i have a question where is the bomb located on the subway board i think the 4th or 5th level?

Adrian: The Gamer Without A Clue lives!!! That's right folks, though his demise seemed certain in our last episode, the Gamer was able to break free of his chains by smashing them with his incredible durable, slopig forehead seconds before the 'Forced Intelligence Increasomatic' ray was able to reach full power and unleash its fury upon our hero. Once again. Bilingual Literate Monkey was unable to destroy the city of Cas Yulgaimr.   Tune in next week as Gamer Without A Clue attempts to purchase a new DVD player from the Evil Conglomerate Sony that doesn't have a remote, but can play PSX games. Will our hero prevail? Will our hero find The Matrix at the bargain shelf? Will our hero finally convince his girlfriend that dressing up like Lara Croft is a good thing? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!

-Jared Black used to live in Cas Yulgaimr
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