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NGF Mailbag - Edition #2
Nov. 19th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

Piracy? Bad? You seriously thing Piracy is damaging Sony? Don't be ridiculous. Though, why was a question about a PSX game there anyway? Odd!

Adrian: To answer your second question first, we like to help wherever we can in regards to video games, so we will endeavor to answer questions even when they don’t specifically apply to our favorite system.

And yes, piracy is bad. Are you daft? It’s stealing. Don’t try to argue that point with me, since anyone playing a pirated game is essentially making use of the developer and publisher’s services without providing them with compensation. When you take something that’s not given away freely, you’re stealing. Or didn’t those poles with the loud sound and flashing lights at the entrance to the store tip you off?

And don’t give me the crap about Sony having so much money that it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to go into a huge tirade here about the ill effects of loss of sales due to piracy, but I will give a small example.

The asian markets are rife with black market software sales, and it is a statistical fact that hundreds of millions of dollars every year go to these people and not into the pockets of the people who actually did the work to make the games. Considering how hard it is for developers to stay afloat in this business, every dollar they lose is one step closer they take to going out of business. Just think how many companies would have extra money to invest in the games they make, and therefore be able to make games we actually want to play, if they received the monies they were supposed to.

What it comes down to is the fact that it is not for any of us to decide whether or not Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Nintendo, Blizzard, 3DO, Activision or anyone else is capable of withstanding acts of piracy. If you don’t like their business practices, or don’t think they deserve your money, then don’t buy their products. Giving money to people who pirate this stuff is only the first step, because as that practice becomes more popular, the list of things that can go wrong and the difficulties it will present increases exponentially.

I’m done. Who’s the next idiot?

Jared adds: Chrono Trigger was also on the SNES, a Nintendo system.


can u tell me the names of any programs that can record dreamcast games

Adrian: Let me make something clear: We do not condone piracy. Let’s just set aside the moral issue for a moment, and pretend that the loss of product sales aren’t going to hurt the industry in the long run.

Do you think that we wouldn’t get in trouble for telling people how to illegally copy games? It’s not like we’re some shady, fringe website that constantly changes addresses and servers in an attempt to ‘spread the word’ on ‘sticking it to tha man’. We’re a gaming site, with an eye towards the future, and I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the need to jeopardize our relationships with publishers (who send games to people they like) just so you can save 50 bucks and make copies of Dynamite Cop and Pen-Pen Tricelon for your pals.

i have already asked you what program do i need to get to copy dreamcast games and where do i get it and you still have not answered so please answer that question.another question i have is i heard that i need a GD-ROM cd to record this true?if so do u no where i can purchase GD-ROM cd?i no there has to be a program because there are people selling copies of games

Ahhhhh. Another lovely, pleasantly crafted e-mail. Please feel free to do two things for me.

1. Look at the above reply

2. Discover the secret meaning of that amazing little button on either side of your keyboard labeled ‘shift’

As for people selling copies of games, I know nothing about that. Since the Dreamcast uses a proprietary storage format (the ‘GD-ROM’ you were apparently able to capitalize) you can’t actually purchase these discs anywhere, and even if you could, there aren’t any ‘burners’ available for consumers that are capable of writing on them. Therefore, I would have to assume they are using a program similar to bleem! which allows Playstation discs to be played on the DC. And since PSX games use standard CD’s, I would further extrapolate that if you found a way to copy GD-ROM info into a format a CD is capable of recording, you could then use this method to pirate games. But I’m not gonna tell you how to do it. Oh, and thank you for letting me know (in the subject line, no less) that you wished to have a response quickly. The thought never occurred.



it (Carmageddon 2) was supposed to be released in 99 ,can't fid it any-where ,whats up !!

It’s apparently still on track to be released on Nov. 30th of this year. Keep your eyes open.


Is there a PC version of this (Zombies Ate My Neighbors) game? If so, is there a web site where I can download it? Please answer as soon as possible

I am only aware of a SNES and Genesis version of these games. Sorry.

But let me thank you for making it clear that you wanted your answer immediately, otherwise I might not have responded this year. I appreciate your thoroughness.

Is there a PC version of this (Zombies Ate My Neighbors) game? If so, could you tell me where I can download it at? Please reply soon I am anxious to know.

Well folks, here is the same question, however this individual reworded their absolute dire need for a response a little more pleasantly.

After seeing this, I was tempted to not even make a response to the other letter, until I realized two things:

1. The answer applies to both, so unless I want to lie, I’m going to have to provide an answer the other reader can use.

2. Even though there is a different name in the ‘From’ line, the second half of the address shows that it’s the same mail service, and the wording is too strikingly similar for me to believe anything other than this is the same household asking the some question more than once.

With that in mind, let me take a moment to thank these people for their impatience and cordially invite them to------- Ed. edited for content


two questions;

When zelda 1 for the NES came out, the manual said the battery back-up had a five year lifespan, then you couldn't save you game. Does this work the same for gameboy? In 2004, will all our level 100 charlizzards be erased?

does the GBA have territoral lock outs? thankfully the GB/GBC didn't, making it an importers dream, but have big N recetified this?

Well, I have hope for you on both counts, Daustin. First of all, the Gameboy Advance will be compatible with previous gameboy cartridges. And since all gameboy cartridges are compatible on any system, it’s a safe bet that there won’t be any kind of territorial lock-out. Now, I could be wrong, but traditionally, handheld systems haven’t been a focus for piracy issues, so you’re probably going to be okay. We’ll let you know more specifics when we get our hands on one.

As for the battery life of gameboy games, you’re screwed. However, there is an alternative. Buy one of those Interact Mega Memory accessories for the gameboy, and you’ll never have to worry, since it functions like a memory card. In fact, I would suggest buying one in any event, since I found it most useful for trading pokémon and then pulling up my previous save so I would still have everything I traded. This works great for getting multiples of anything you want in the game (that’s tradable) without using the risky ‘infinite item’ glitch.


Subject: Need to know where some gaps are?

I love it when people don’t actually write me a message, they just leave a cryptic question in the subject line.

Well Leah, I know of at least three GAPs within 15 minutes of my apartment. However, I live in Manhattan, so availability may vary in your area. Of course, why you’re asking a video game site for information about clothing stores is a logic that escapes me at this moment.

If, on the other hand, you are asking about the gaps in Tony Hawk 2, I can only say 2 things.

1. How in the world can I possibly help you find a particular gap, when you give me no specific information?

2. Are you asking me for gap locations, or are you attempting to demonstrate your immense knowledge of Tony Hawk by inquiring whether or not I need to know where some gaps are?

In either event, I can’t really do much for you.



Yeah, I like to know how can I get some more info on the game Earthbound 64 on N64.

Jared: It's been canceled.   Terminated.  No longer scheduled for release.  That doesn't mean it won't appear on Gamecube though....

-Adrian V. doesn't need catchy ending statements
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