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 Five Exclusives From Capcom
November 19, 2002

Back in October 1999, Capcom created an internal developer suite named Production Studio 4. This small section of Capcom is managed by the great Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Just recently Capcom added a web page for the studio, and made announcements of what it is producing. To our shock Five new Gamecube games have been revealed.

The first game is the long awaited addition to the Resident Evil series, RE4. Not much is known about the game, except that it will be the reappearance of Leon, and that it will take place deep within Umbrella...

Next on the list is a side-scroller by the name of Viewtiful Joe, where you control a comic book style superhero. The graphical presentation of this game looks very promising.

Capcom also seems to be expanding their game styles with Dead Phoenix. A game that promises to give a "flying like a bird feeling". This one is already starting to look a little like Panzer Dragoon.

Killer7 was another of the mysterious titles announced. Reports suggest that the game revolves around a wheel chair bound assassin, who decieves people with on of his seven personalities.

The last game on the list is Project Number 03 (PN03), Shinji Mikami's major prodution title. PN03 places you in the shoes of Vanessa Z. Schneider, a mercenary who gets sent out to take care of some robots that have gone haywire.

Written By: 2nd Opp
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