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Atlus Ships Robopon
June 13, 2002

Atlus U.S.A., Inc., A leading publisher of console RPG’s, today announced the availability of Robopon 2: Ring and Cross Version for the Game Boy® Advance, the sequel to the popular robot collecting game on the Game Boy® Color.

After becoming the Legend 1 of Porombo Island in the original game, Cody sets off to a new land, and a new tournament.  Things take a turn for the worse when a violent storm destroys Cody’s boat, and sends him adrift at sea.  He awakens inside a shack in the land of Majiko—but all is not well.  He discovers that the nearby lands are being terrorized by the Maskman and his cronies.  In order to put things right, Cody must travel back 20 years into the past and back again.

Similar circumstances await Cody in each new land that he visits.  It soon becomes clear that his troubles are more than coincidental, and he unravels Majiko’s many mysteries while challenging contestants in the tournament.  Cody’s rival, Bisco, follows him from Porombo Island and interferes throughout the quest.  But, is Bisco causing all these problems, or is there someone else?

Cody travels to many interesting places on his journey, including:

  • The feuding kingdoms, Delica and Wonder…once rumored to be allies, but now bitter enemies.
  • Brutal’s Amazing Circus! Home of superhuman feats and mysterious creatures.
  • Rocket Town, the site of a recent UFO incident.  The town’s citizens speak about alien phenomena and a mysterious girl named Rena who can read minds.
  • Macroland, the world of technology ruled by Mr. Gait, who took over after a mysterious accident at the Waffle Corporation.
  • Quasi Tokyo, where organized crime rules the streets and neon ignites the night sky.

Cody won’t be alone on his journey, as old friends show up to help out.  Dr. Disc will provide tools and advice, while Professor Don and his assistant Sam allow Cody to use their new time machine.  Cody’s girlfriend Lisa will also call from time to time with advice and support.  Various people in the towns are more than happy to battle with Cody, awarding him with new software or special parts.  A man named Hoffman will help you build Robopon, and the persistent Nick D needs money to save his orphanage.  Cody will make many friends through the course of his journey, but his most important allies, as always, are the Robopon he builds and trains.

In the end, Cody will discover the shocking truth behind Dr. Zero’s defeat on Porombo…and pay the consequences…

Robopon 2 Cross & Ring Version: Facts & Features

Role-Playing/Training/Trading/Collecting, 1-4 Players

  • Participate in an all new time-traveling adventure!

  • More everything! Collect over 180 new Robopon! Three times the amount of areas to explore! Exciting new parts and software to discover!

  • Play a multitude of mini-games against the computer or up to 4 friends with one Game Pak via the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable!

  • New Sparking System allows you and a friend to connect via the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable to create new Robopon!

  • Personalize your Robopon by customizing its colors, parts, software and even attack methods!

  • All new battle system allows you to take an entire party of Robopon into battle!

Robopon 2 Cross & Ring Version Differences

  • Difficulty: Ring Version provides a quicker play-through of the game, and requires less fighting.  Cross version is for the more battle-savvy gamers, requiring more battles to power up your Robopon.  Cross has more Boot type Robopon who cannot equip parts and depend on abilities they have learned when they level up.
  • Robopon: At the beginning, there are certain Robopon that can only be built in one version or the other.  Sparking the same pair of batteries will create Sunny in Ring version, but SunZero in Cross version.
  • Spirit Helpers: Later in the game, the player may find themselves lucky (or unlucky) enough to be accompanied by a Spirit.  There are 10 spirits common to both versions, but each game also has 3 secret Spirits exclusive to that version.

“The Robopon series takes a giant leap forward onto the Game Boy Advance,” said Akibo Shieh, Project Lead, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. “Robopon 2 not only improves on the graphics and sound in the original, but in every conceivable way.  It possesses a much longer and challenging quest; the battle system has been refined to take advantage of all your Robopon and the new multiplayer modes will definitely engross the most jaded gamer. GBA owners looking for a Role Playing / collecting game need look no further than Robopon 2."
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