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Battlebots Ships
December 10, 2002

Destructive combat wreaks havoc on Game Boy® Advance, as Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment, has shipped BattleBots®: Beyond The BattleBox(tm).  Based on the popular and highly acclaimed "BattleBots®" TV show, the game will be available at retail stores nationwide.

"BattleBots is an ideal interactive property as the action featured in the television series translates beautifully to an interactive format," said Ken Gold , Vice President of Marketing.  "With BattleBots already enjoying the support of a large installed base, we hope to maximize that awareness and cross-over with the interactive audience."

A melee of robotic mayhem, BattleBots features 16 actual Bots from the popular show, and allows players to create their own BattleBot with six categories of weapons, chassis types and drive trains.  Having created the perfect BattleBot, players then increase their skill by controlling their BattleBot in the arena.

Upon winning a match, gamers are awarded cash to purchase upgrades for their custom BattleBot including such favorites as clamping, cutting, pounding and drilling weapons.  The BattleBots video game takes robotic combat to a whole new level as engineering restrictions are lifted, making battle arenas even more deadly than the real-life BattleBox. 

BattleBots offers the following key features:

·         16 BattleBots as seen on the Comedy Central broadcasts - Overkill(tm), Tazbot(tm), Disector(tm), BioHazard(tm), Minion(tm) and more recognizable favourites;

·         Brawl & Multiplayer Modes - It's rumble time as up to four BattleBots duke it out using the Game Link Cable;

·         Customizable BattleBots - Build your own powerful BattleBot from six categories of parts and weapons;

·         The BattleBox - This official, deadly arena features all the Kill Saws, Pulverizers, RamRods and more from the real arena, gamers can use the hazards to their advantage or be punished by failing to avoid them;

·         Go Beyond the BattleBox - four awesome arenas for robotic mayhem each with their own unique hazards;

·         Simulation (Purist) & Arcade (Extreme) Game Modes - In Simulation Mode, gamers utilize the BattleBots as specified in real life while Arcade Mode adds power-ups to the arena along with cross weight division battles;

·         Go for the Giant Golden Nut! - Enter the BattleBots Tournament Mode, battling through the actual 2001 BattleBots' Division champs.


Majesco's BattleBots: Beyond The BattleBox is now available for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Written By: Jared Black
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