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Splinter Cell Connectivity Details
March 13, 2003

Just when you thought that the Xbox had the end-all version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, the GCN version pops up with improved graphics over the PS2 version and GBA connectivity to boot. Our first look at the GCN version made it seem inferior, but being early in development that was to be expected. Now Ubi Soft has stated that the GameCube version is not only coming together nicely, but has released some screenshots to prove it. Previously Ubi Soft had mentioned that they would like to include Game Boy Advance link-up (hence the delay), and now they have finally released what some of those features will include. By looking at the following list you can see that these are some of the best uses of GBA/GCN connectivity yet:

  • The GBA can be used as a mini-radar map that allows you to see further ahead of your position.
  • You can use it to gain control of enemy computers and their defense weapons
  • Use of the link after completing the Gamecube game will open five new GBA levels.
  • And the best feature is the use of an Gamecube exclusive weapon, the "sticky bomb", which will be controlled by your GBA.

Check out the first three screenshots of the GameCube version below

Additional Media:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Reported By: 2nd Opp
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