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New Player's Choice Titles
September 10, 2003

Think videogames cost too much?  Not able to spend 50 dollars on a quality game?  Well, you’re in luck.  Nintendo has announced that 6 new GameCube games are about to be given the status of “Player’s Choice.”  Starfox Adventures, Pikmin, and Luigi’s Mansion will all wear the new price of $19.99, while Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Sunshine will cost $29.99.  The changes in price will take effect on September 25.

“Player’s Choice” is a rank given by Nintendo to the best selling games.  It is a tradition that has been carried on from the N64 era.  The marked down games are easy to spot; they all wear a golden label on their cases.  Other Player’s Choice titles include Super Smash Brothers: Melee and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Reported By: AJ Middleton
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