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Archived News - August 2001

August 31, 2001
New Luigi Screens
New Wave Race Screens
3DO Franchises Confirmed
More SSB:M Screens
Four & Iron Man
Turtle Power!

August 30, 2001
Tony Hawk 2 Ships

August 29, 2001
First Wrestlemania Screens
New Tetris Worlds Screens

August 28, 2001
Ridge Racer Next Confirmed
Konami's First GCN Title
New Starfox Screens
Diddy Kong Soars
New Sabrewulf Screens

August 26, 2001
BackTrack Date Confirmed

August 25, 2001
Dragon Warrior Cubed?
Brownie Brown on Cube

August 23, 2001
New Launch Details
Mario Sunshine Unveiled
Zelda Unveiled
GBA/GCN Connectivity Details
Marionette Revealed
GBA Release Dates
Japanese Launch Update

August 22, 2001
GameCube Screenshot Bonanza Pt. 1
GameCube Screenshot Bonanza Pt. 2
GameCube Screenshot Bonanza Pt. 3
GameCube Screenshot Bonanza Pt. 4
Animal Forest on GBA
Card-E Screens
From's Second RPG
Starfox Delayed
No Mario Until 2002
Two More From Sega

August 21, 2001
Sonic Adventure 2 on GC
Pokémon Announcement Announced
Memory Card Details
Toad in Luigi's Mansion

August 20, 2001
Super Monkey Box
Galleon in 2001?

August 17, 2001
Bomberman Screens
Shaun Palmer Screens
Tony Hawk 3 on GBC
Mirra Soundtrack Revealed

August 14, 2001
GC Online in 2002

August 11, 2001
First Tekken GBA Screens
Japanese GameCube Packaging

August 8, 2001
New Madden Screens
New SSX: Tricky Screens

August 7, 2001
Yet More Smash Shots
GCN Controller Ad
Dragon Box Art
THQ Ships Betrayal

August 6, 2001
New X Screens

August 2, 2001
Nine Smashing Screens
More Wario Land 4
New Spyro Screens

August 1, 2001
Tekken @ Spaceworld


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