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Ad Info

Preview By: 2nd Opp

Developer:  Saffire
Publisher:  Titus
Genre:  Fighting
Est. Release:  8-20-02
Posted:  8-1-02
Titus has announced that they are bringing their brutal 3D fighter, Barbarian, to Gamecube this year.  Best of all, it's scheduled to hit as early as next month!  This title is somewhat of a surprise as it came out of nowhere and yet is shaping up to be a strong fighting title.  Titus is proclaiming Barbarian as a action/adventure/RPG hybrid, and from the looks of it I'm getting the feeling that it's like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy if it were a fighting game.  The game will include 10 fighters to begin with, and each has his/her own massive storyline to follow with 300 different story branches.  To add to the gameplay there will be many optional mini quests that include different fighting rules.

These fights to the death will take place in very large multi-tiered, interactive arenas. Virtually every item in each level can be used as a weapon, taking some of it's gameplay ideas from games like Powerstone for Dreamcast and expanding on them.  Barbarian will include a RPG style experience point and upgrade system for you to build your character.  You can upgrade your combos to a better style or upgrade your attacks to be more powerful, the choice is yours.
If you think this game is a solo mission, think again.  Barbarian will thrive on multiplayer action as you and your friends do battle in the massive levels.  Four people battles not enough for you?  Then change the options and throw in four more AI characters for a total of up to eight fighters on screen at once.  With that many characters the mayhem is sure to reach it's limit. 

Then just when you think the action is over Titus also promises that there will be plenty of unlockable goodies and Easter eggs to keep the game fresh long after it's been beaten.  Overall this looks to be a promising title that may become a sleeper hit all it's own.  Look for it to hit store shelves on August 20th.

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