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Preview By: Sam Cosentino

Developer:  Am2
Publisher:  Nintendo
Genre:  Racing
Est. Release:  8-25-03
Posted:  4-30-03

Back during the days of the Super Nintendo, there was a gem released by Nintendo named F-Zero.  F-Zero literally paved the road for the futuristic racing games that we all have come to love today.  The original F-Zero consisted of excellent music, great tracks, good challenges, and an intense racing experience.  The sequel to this great masterpiece was F-Zero X on the N64, which took F-Zero to the next level.  It provided the player with better music, more track design variety, and more challenging game play since you could now attack your opponent.  Finally, the last game they made was F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, for the GameBoy Advance, which albeit was mediocre but good nonetheless.

Now Nintendo has unveiled its next F-Zero game, which will be for both the Arcade and the Nintendo GameCube.  To the surprise of many it's not going to be developed by Nintendo, but rather SEGA's own Amusement Vision 2 team, the ones who made Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2, Rez, and many other great games.  Obviously, their experience with Super Monkey Ball and Rez should help them make F-Zero better than it ever was before.  The new F-Zero also has new features, yet it still has many old features to boot.  It still has the classic F-Zero characters that we all know and love, yet it also has so much more like being able to trade data between the Arcade version of the game and the GameCube version. I've also heard the arcade version will include two special characters that will only be obtainable through the arcade version. The tracks are also more intense than they ever were before, with more of an emphasis on speed and racing than they ever have been.  I've also heard that there may be a mode where you can create your own track, and that would be awesome.  Can you imagine going to the arcade and playing some other people on your own track?  That'll be awesome.  I can hardly wait!

Also, if you haven't noticed, this game looks just about as good as it sounds.  The sound has always been something that lured me in with the F-Zero series, yet the graphics were never really top-notch.  But instead of just focusing on the music, they also put a lot of their attention onto the graphical prowess of the game, which definitely places it a notch above many other games.   Also, I've seen many movies on this game, and I got to say that the special effects are quite good.  I love the way the exhaust looks when the racers take off.

Overall, I'd say F-Zero is shaping up to be one of the best games of 2003, and I'll be sure to buy it along with Zelda and the many other great games coming out this year.

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