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Ad Info

Preview By: Sam Cosentino

Developer:  Skip Ltd.
Publisher:  Nintendo
Genre:  RPG
Est. Release:  TBA
Posted:  2-18-03

"Skip?  Who's Skip?" is something you would ask yourself if I mentioned the name of the developer of the new RPG to hit the GameCube platform, called Giftpia.  We haven't heard anything about Giftpia since it was announced a year ago at E3 2002, until now.  Giftpia is an RPG that looks to deliver a fresh, new experience, and that's a good thing since RPGs have become too stale lately.  They all basically sum up to the same formula, only differentiating from one another by having different characters and environments.   Granted, we do have some gems that translate to being much more than that; i.e. Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Suikoden 3, Chrono Trigger - but they are too few and far-between. 

Now the quirky story of Giftpia is quite simple and intriguing.  It looks like it will stray away from the cliché by combining beautiful anime-like cel-shading and humor. Developer Skip Ltd. likes to refer to Giftpia as an "alternative RPG" because Giftpia is supposed to provide new ideas and concepts.  The story of Giftpia is still shrouded in mystery, but from what I could gather of the game it's supposedly about the "Coming of Age Day", and the hero of the story misses his day and unless he starts a quest to raise enough money to have the ceremony again, he will remain a child forever. And thus his quest for adulthood begins! However, it's not that simple-there's so much more than just collecting enough money to have another ceremony.  The game is supposed to rely more on the experience of the game rather than the collection of money, and that's a good thing.  The game supposedly has a lot of characters in it for you to interact with, and hopefully they will all look different instead of the same, for that has become such a mainstream in Final Fantasy and almost every other RPG of its kind.

This RPG also combines awesome cel-shading techniques and quirky humor.  It appears as though it will resemble an anime in appearance, due to the artwork and animation of the character models and the over-all ambiance of the game.  It's not due out in Japan till sometime in 2003, but if expectations of this game are met, then the wait will be worth it.  We can only hope that Giftpia is released in other territories instead of the Land of the Rising Sun, but since it was shown at E3 2002, you can almost guarantee it'll come to America.

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