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Ad Info
Golden Sun
Preview By: Roger Taylor
Developer:   Camelot
Publisher:   Nintendo
Genre:   RPG
Est. Release Date:   July 2001
Posted:   10-23-00

If anyone remembers Shining Force for the Genesis, you will definitely be interested in Golden Sun, as it is made by the same development house, Camelot.  Although best known for their Mario sports titles, Camelot is a
seasoned RPG developer, and it shows in Golden Sun.

The graphics look incredible.  Fans of A Link to the Past, or any of the SNES Final Fantasy titles should enjoy the overhead view during the
exploration parts of the game, as it looks just as good as any SNES RPG.  However, the battle sequences are quite a different story, since they
feature all sorts of cool camera effects during the action.  This should fit right in with the music, which is being hailed as the best heard so far in any Game Boy Advance title.

The game features the exploits of Robin. Nintendo's official Spaceworld guide on the game explains the story like this:

A boy, Robin, holds the destiny of the world in his hands! Start your adventure to rescue the world from its doom along with your fellow comrades who have mysterious mental powers!

So the premise of the storyline isn't new. What is new though is that the game will use an ability called "Energy". Energy will be used in both attack and defense, but Nintendo is promising other uses for the ability as well.

Golden Sun is really a throw-back to the days when 16-bit RPGs ruled the earth.  Start counting the days till it launches in Japan in March 2001.  If we Americans are lucky, Golden Sun will be here when GBA launches in July 2001.

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