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Ad Info
Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Preview By: Tikerman

Developer:  Camelot
Publisher:  Nintendo
Genre:  RPG
Est. Release:  April 14, 2003
Posted:  1-28-03

Looks like Camelot is about to hit another home run with the much anticipated sequel to their hit, Golden Sun. Golden Sun 2 takes place directly after the first RPG, though, as it would appear, not with the same crew of characters. It would appear that you control Felix, one of the antagonists of the first game, Sheba, who at first appeared to be a damsel in distress, but later leaves you guessing as to whose side she is on, and Jenna, who was taken captive by Felix and Alex and their previous cohorts. Camelot has also hinted that other characters are playable, perhaps Alex, who was in cahoots with Felix, as well as possibly the four members of the original party of the first game, Isaac, Garet, Mia, and Ivan.

Other changes also have been made. It has been suggested that the Djinni system will receive an update. Instead of 28 Djinn, the magical creatures that bestow powers upon their masters, the game will house 35. There will also be 3 new categories of Djinni, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. This would mean a cut-down from 7 Djinn per category to 5 Djinn each. Other rumors suggest that there will remain only 4 Djinn categories and that there will simply be more per category. Also there is reportedly a "Tome" system in the game, which revolves around great big books that need to be collected and which grant powers of some kind, a huge ship with which Felix can travel the world, and lastly a plethora of new Psynergy attacks for Felix and friends to use against their enemies.

On Camelot's Japanese site there is some character artwork, which includes characters previously mentioned, sans Isaac and the rest, but including a few new ones: Picard, who bears a resemblance to Alex, and Agatio and Karst, who remind me of Saturos and Menardi, who died in such a very unconvincing manner in the last game. Perhaps reincarnations? Finally, from the screenshots, the graphics of Golden Sun 2 seem to have been refined even further, showing off an even better look than its prequel. Both exploration scenes and battle shots show off impressive artwork by the Camelot crew, who you may know from previous video games such as Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, and the Shining Force series.

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