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Ad Info
Preview By: Jared Black
Developer:   Shin'en/Pipe Dream
Publisher:   Majesco
Genre:   3D Shooter
Est. Release Date:   June 11, 2001
Posted:   10-17-00

We've got 12 new screenshots of Majesco's promising GBA shooter in action.  These new screenshots showcase a wide variety of locations, and really show off the visual quality the GBA can provide.  Check 'em out:

Updated: 4-4-01
Updated By: Jared Black


One of the most promising Game Boy Advance titles shown to date wasn't even featured at Spaceworld 2000. Iridion, developed by Shin'en, has seemingly burst out of nowhere to become one of the most anticipated GBA titles yet.

According to Shin'en's official Iridion site, the story goes like this:

"Back from outer space you realize that something´s terribly wrong with the blue planet. Like being mesmerized your mind accepts that your home was took over by the evil Iridion empire, the longtime threat of mankind. For the last time you check-up the instruments of your SHN fighter and prepare yourself for the last, final and only chance for a planet called EARTH."

Judging from the screenshots and movies provided by Shin'en, Iridion looks to provide a heavy dose of 3D shooting goodness set in the mold of other 3D shooters like Star Fox 64. In fact, it provides a lot of features that mimic those found in Star Fox 64 very closely, including: 

-forward-scrolling screen forcing the player forward
-over-the-top weapons
-huge end level bosses
-boss battles with full 3D movement
-robotic and mechanical-based enemies

Despite the obvious lack of innovation, Iridion still looks on track to be an excellent 3D shooter in its own right. The graphics are stunning for a handheld game, the gameplay looks as good as any other 3D shooter, and the sense of style so far is unique. More importantly, experiences such as this are rare on a handheld system, so Iridion could prove to be a very unique experience for GBA owners. 

Currently, Shin'en has not found a publisher for Iridion yet. As promising as this title looks though, you can bet it won't be long before some eager publisher picks this one up.

Additional Media:

 Image 1 
 Image 2
 Image 3
 Image 4
 Image 5

Iridion Movie
(2:04 mins.; 30 MB)
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