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Jungle Emperor Leo
Preview By: Shane Sacobie
Developer:   Nintendo
Publisher:   Nintendo
Genre:   Platformer
Est. Release Date:   Cancelled

*Nothing has been heard on this game in ages, so we're assuming it's dead.

Japanese anime seems to be getting more and more popular in the gaming world. It should come as no surprise that Jungle Emperor Leo will be making his way to the video game market. Adding the artwork of the Japanese anime artists to the gaming talent of Shigeru Miyamoto should make the transition from anime to video game a smooth one. The fact that this game has its origins in the anime world shows in the graphics and fluid, life-like movement of each animal in the game. As you can see from the pics, the water reacts realistically to the characters, and the amount of detail present in the game is also quite evident. You probably also noticed the white lion, known in the west as Kimba (not Simba) The White Lion, in the pics. He's the star of the game and the one who you guide through the world, which will most probably be an expansive one.

The story of Jungle Emperor Leo is incredibly similar to that of Disney's "The Lion King." Nintendo will be working on this title in cooperation with Osamu Tezuka (the manga artist who created Leo) Productions. It's likely this game will be in free-roaming 3D (a la Mario 64), though not much more is known about it at the current time. It is, however, known that interaction will play a large part in Jungle Emperor Leo, as he'll have to go around his world meeting up with all sorts of animals and collecting fruit. Graphically, we can expect a hot game in the true Miyamoto tradition. The sounds will go along with the jungle theme, as jungle music is expected to be among the main parts of the game.

From what we've seen, Miyamoto looks to be onto another hot title. While little is known about the game, the creator of the Mario series has always brought us the best games, and this looks to be no different. More on this as it develops.
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