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Mega Man & Bass

Preview By: Tikerman

Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Genre:  Platform
Est. Release:  March 11, 2003
Posted:  2-11-03

Hardcore MegaMan fans will immediately recognize this game's title, MegaMan & Bass. Perhaps they know it better by its Japanese name, Rockman & Forte, by which they probably have known it since its Japanese debut in 1998 for the Super Famicom (AKA Super Nintendo in the US). These fans have begged Capcom to bring the game to the states, but with no luck. However, recently, Capcom brought back the popular game via the Gameboy Advance, and a glimmer of hope arose for MegaMan fans. Well, the prayers of these fans have come true, and Capcom has announced that the game will hit the GBA in America in March 2003!

The game stars our classic hero, MegaMan, as well as his arch-rival, Bass. MegaMan and Bass are big time enemies, but now they have to forget about their rivalry to face a new threat: King. King is a powerful robot gone bad, and he has threatened both the good citizens of the world, whom MegaMan defends, and the sinister Doctor Wily, who constructed Bass and demands his loyalty.

In the Super Famicom version of this game, the player can select either Bass or MegaMan to play as, each having their own unique abilities, and play that character through an opening stage, 8 bosses, and King's lair. The game offered a lot of action with two very different experiences, MegaMan or Bass. MegaMan's abilities included the slide, charge-up cannon, and the services of his faithful robot-pooch, Rush. Bass, on the other hand, had powers like the double-jump, automatic fire, and directional shots, as well as various powers from his wonder-dog, Treble.

It also gave gamers the challenging trial of finding all 100 data CDs, each of which when obtained will give the player a "card" of sorts which displays a drawn character from any one of the MegaMan games. These include bosses, head bad guys, supporting characters, and so on. All 100 CDs were hidden throughout all the levels of Rockman & Forte, and it is expected that it will be included in the American MegaMan & Bass cartridge.

Lastly, those who have played Rockman & Forte on a Super Famicom machine (or through…not so legal means), will be hopeful for additional features of the game, such as more data CDs, a playable ProtoMan, multiplayer, and extra levels. Nothing from Capcom seems to suggest any of these, and it is most likely that this a straight port of the Super Famicom game, but we can all be hopefully, can't we?

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