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Ad Info
Super Puzzle Fighter II

Preview By: Siou Choy

Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Genre:  Puzzle
Est. Release:  March 31, 2003
Posted:  3-11-03

With so many bad games being ported to the Game Boy Advance, one wonders why the folks at Nintendo see fit to continue. After all, there are very few games worth porting over from the days of the Playstation; particularly five years on from their initial shot at popularity. One of the few exceptions to this rule is Nintendo’s decision to port Capcom’s Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo into a second life on the GBA. This rare game has been seen to sell for over a hundred dollars on Ebay in its original PS version (!), so anybody with any degree of business acumen should be able to tell interested parties that this second shot at the game is an opportunity not to be passed up.

If we include the "hidden" characters, you get to choose from 11 super-deformed versions of fan favorites from the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series, including such luminaries as Ryu, Ken, Felicia, and Morrigan. The same three hidden characters from the original Playstation version are all present and accounted for in the GBA version, so fans of the irritable scroll can rest easy. For those who don’t know, the game is a variation of Tetris (well, OK, more like Next Tetris) since blocks are done in 3D, and there’s no real "solo" play - you’re playing against an opponent, whether actual or computer generated). Each character has his/her own special gem drop pattern. Gems fall in more or less set color schemes onto opponents, while your character jumps up and down and makes faces in the center (think a more animated Puzzle Bobble). All the characters allow a manually induced taunt once per round, but if you pick loser character Dan, you get the option of unlimited taunts. Be warned, though – in keeping with the character, those taunts are pretty empty ones, since his drop pattern is exclusively red (and thus extremely easy to remove, in large quantities at a time).

In keeping with the standard for the PS version, gamers will be able to play Puzzle Fighter against a friend by means of a link cable (and two carts); or more intimately, on the same GBA (by having one player use the D-Pad and the left trigger and the other use the A and B buttons and the right trigger).

Most of the original game and music have been brought over and translated to GBA specifications. Only the remixes have been left out of the unlockable "goodies" section. Otherwise, you can get the extra costumes and music found in the PSX version of the game.

Anybody who missed out on Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo in its Playstation incarnation should make a point of getting out to stores this April for its GBA release.

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