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Ad Info
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival

Preview By: Siou Choy

Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
Genre:  Fighting
Est. Release:  10-25-01
Posted:  9-24-01

Any fan of fighting games should doubtless be aware of Capcom's seminal and long running Street Fighter series. The Street Fighter series has been referred to as THE fighting game series by gamers and pundits alike and is still looked upon highly to this day. In many ways, it served to redefine the fighting game genre with the introduction of innovations such as "super meter" and the use of "combos", and is a marked influence on 2D and 3D games alike. With this in mind, Capcom has opted to continue with the standard GBA platform of reissuing and updating past bestsellers by releasing Super Street Fighter II Turbo for the Game Boy Advance (retitled as Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival). Naturally, the graphics will be receiving a slight facelift, with new animation added to show off the more beefed up GBA capabilities.

Those of you familiar with the game are probably wondering at this point how SSF2TR will translate to the GBA, considering that the system only has 4 buttons while SSF2T made use of 6 buttons. The answer is a somewhat unfortunate one: by copying the unsuccessful PS2 format. For SSF2TR, Capcom has combined the light and medium attacks into one button. In other words, in order to perform a light kick, one must tap lightly on the proper face button, while a medium kick can be executed by holding the same button for a slightly longer amount of time. The "hard" attacks will be mapped on to the shoulder button of the GBA. This may take a bit of adjusting to, unless you're among the few that bought and actually held onto Sony's derelict Y2K system.

Like all previous Street Fighter games, SSF2TR will feature arcade mode, training mode, and a two-player linkup mode. Of course, in keeping with GBA standards, to play SSF2TR with a friend will require that each of you have your own copy of the game - a sneaky little footnote most fighting gamers, long accustomed to the two controller/one system 2 player fighting game standard, may miss upon purchase.

The cast of characters will be similar to the SSF2T cast as found in the arcades. The SSF2TR cast will include the following: Ryu; Ken; Chun Li; Zangief; E. Honda; Dhalsim; Blanka; Guile; Deejay; Cammy; T. Hawk; Fei Long; Vega; Balrog; Sagat; M. Bison and Akuma.

As series alumni already know, each character has their own super move which can be executed once their super meter is filled. To fill the super meter requires that you be on both the giving and receiving ends of attacks: in other words, dodging around and avoiding your opponent won't fill your super meter.

There's really not much more to say about a game of such high standing in fandom circles. But what needs to be said? After all, what better way to celebrate Nintendo's top 2D handheld system than by re-releasing Capcom's most beloved 2D fighting game?

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