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Ad Info

Preview By: Siou Choy

Developer:  Sega
Publisher:  THQ
Genre:  Rhythm
Est. Release:  May 2003
Posted:  3-4-03

During its short-lived reign as the most powerful of systems, the Sega Dreamcast was a platform for a number of innovative, groundbreaking games. Among those games rests the underappreciated Space Channel 5. Sega and THQ are hoping that people embrace the game with more open arms (and minds) this time around when Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack is released later this year for the Game Boy Advance.

Much like its Dreamcast progenitor, you’ll find yourself playing as space reporter extraordinaire Ulala. The sinister Morolians have invaded once again, forcing all you stiffies to dance. Part of her mission as traveling reporter is to take on the Morolians mano-a-mano (or should that be pied-a-pied?), and outdance them, which somehow magically frees the hypnotized earthlings from the aliens’ sinister dance floor domination. Gee, do you think they wrote all these "extra" duties and responsibilities into her contract? Beating the Morolians through 18 progressively difficult levels for control of the dance floor is no simple task; but if you follow the rhythm of the music and have fast hands, you can inherit the gold plaque as savior of earth (or at least, queen of the prom).

This weird take on sci-fi, the importance of rhythm and the role of the media as "entertainment" as much as (if not significantly more than) "informant" made Space Channel 5 fun and challenging (not to mention unintentionally profound) in its Dreamcast heyday. It remains to be seen how such a music-dependent platformer will translate to the GBA’s smaller and less dynamic sound system.

The only real change noted in press releases is that this time around, you’ll be able to compete against a friend to see who’s the Tony Manera of this disco and who’s just the Deney Terio in a two player mode.

Look for Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack this May on video game shelves everywhere.

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