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Ad Info
Tarzan Untamed

Preview By: Roger Taylor

Developer:  Ubi Soft
Publisher:  Ubi Soft
Genre:  Extreme Sports
Est. Release:  11-23-01
Posted:  11-02-01

Leave it to Ubi Soft to try and capitalize on a license long after they should. Disney’s Tarzan seems a likely target for a video game, as it not only features a game-friendly character, but was also a fairly big hit when it was released…more than two years ago. Still, none of that should matter as long as the game plays well, and from what Ubi Soft has told us so far, it has potential.

Instead of going the regular route for kid’s movie-based games and crafting a standard "collect-things-that-appeared in-the-movie" 3D adventure, Ubi Soft has decided to play off the extreme sport theme that was featured heavily in the movie. For those of you that never saw it, Tarzan surfed down vines and branches with his bare feet with the greatest of ease. Ubi Soft decided to mix these extreme elements with 3D adventure, creating what could be a unique experience, or a horrible disaster, depending on how well it is executed. The features announced so far include tree surfing, standard surfboarding, vine bungee jumping and something that resembles barefoot water skiing. These are to be combined with bits of gameplay that involve Tarzan walking around collecting yet-to-be-specified objects and solving puzzles.

Ubi Soft’s new game has more potential then their short, 2D platformer based on Tarzan, released in 1999, and should help fill out GameCube’s platformer line-up. Tarzan Untamed will be released on November 23, just less than a week after the release of GameCube.
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