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Ad Info
Tyrannosaurus Tex
Preview By: Chris Lee
Developer:   Slitherine
Publisher:   Slitherine
Genre:   First-Person Shooter
Est. Release Date:   TBA
Posted:   11-07-00

Whether you realize it or not, the Gameboy handheld system is perhaps the most successful system in history. Not just from the amount of units sold and it's games but from the sheer longevity of the system itself. It's been "alive" longer than any other videogame platform in history. As such, it's had just about every genre of game that exists save one and that's a first person shooter. Of course no one has attempted a first person shooter on the Gameboy for obvious reasons but now, Slitherine, has taken up the landmark task and from the looks of it they did one heck of a job.     

T-Tex puts you in the role of a cowboy named, well, Tex. He's from a little town named East Wood (I hope I'm catching the Clint reference there) where things have been a little slow for Tex recently. Luckily for him a new diamond mine has opened up nearby and diamonds spell C-A-S-H so naturally our hero is off to make his fortune. When he gets there though, things aren't quite what they seem to be and ol' Tex is finds himself in a peck-uh trouble.     

The first thing you'll notice is that the game is actually done in 3D. Although there are no hi-res polygon models or 3Dfx style graphics, the fact that Slitherine tried and succeeded at making the GBC's first 3D title is amazing. That combined with the fact that you'll be guiding tex through 28 levels using 6 different types of weapons shows the effort that Slitherine put forth in making this title. The story is told in comic book fashion with some great looking cut-scene pictures. Not only is  T-tex a one player experience but you can link up with your friends and have your own western style showdowns with your choice of 5 characters and 5 special multi-player arenas.       


  • The only real 3D game on GBC!
  • 6 Different types of guns
  • Over 10 different types of enemies.
  • 28 action packed levels spanning a mine, an underground city and a crashed spaceship.
  • Levels include keys, doors, force fields, teleporters, pickups, powerups, diamonds, runes, traps and time limits.
  • Overhead 2D map allows you to find your way if you get lost.
  • Action packed story told through over 100 Hi-Colour screens.
  • Collect diamonds to open secret areas where runes are hidden.  Find runes to unlock extra characters and levels in multiplayer.
  • Last but not least, 2 player head to head games over the GBC.  Play as any of 5 characters in 5 specially created arenas.  The journey to work or school will never be the same again!
A laundry list of features, the first real 3D game for the GBC and multi-player action. All that adds up to what looks like another great title to add to your Gameboy library. Nice going Slitherine.

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