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The World Is Not Enough
Preview By: Marty Weisenburger
Developer:   Eurocom
Publisher:   EA
Genre:   First Person Shooter
Est. Release Date:   November 2000
Date Posted:    3-29-00

Ask any N64 loyalist what his (or her) favorite game on the system is. If the one you're asking is like most N64 gamers, you just might not hear "Mario" or Zelda" as an answer. The first word you'd probably hear is "Goldeneye". Yep, you got it - Rare's fantastic first person shooter. Whereas most "Doom" style games consisted of "grab weapon, shoot, avoid being shot," Rare's title changed that forever. With missions of rescuing hostages from a frigate to infiltrating a silo and escaping, Goldeneye had everything any spy wannabe could possibly want. Rare did the 00 agent justice, and the sub-par effort that EA put out with Tomorrow Never Dies on the PlayStation, to the N64 fans, showed one thing and one thing alone - No one, NO ONE but Rare could do a Bond game right. Later this year, when EA puts Eurocom's next title to the shelves, the followers of Goldeneye may be in for a big shock.

The World Is Not Enough, in development at UK-based Eurocom, looks to pack all the elements that made Goldeneye a smashing success. This won't be a different, N64-fit version of the PS2 and PC titles; This is a completely original game that packs everything Goldeneye fans want into a 256mb cart. The game's engine, perhaps the most impressive on the N64 yet (moreso than that of Turok 2, in fact), will be capable of delivering a rock solid framerate with the most jaw dropping textures and effects seen on the N64. More than 10 locales (based on the movie) will be included for you to cut your teeth on.

But what would be a sequel to Goldeneye without some great gadgets and weapons? You'll have more than 40 weapons to utilize, and even more gadgets at your disposal, including a sniper rifle, tazer (Perhaps the one that was never actually used in Goldeneye, for those that remember), Raptor Magnum .44, and a Goldeneye-style rocket launcher. For fans of Goldeneye's multiplayer mode, a deathmatch true to Rare's efforts will be included.

I have to admit that - despite the fact that I had previously felt that Rare and only Rare could do it right - I'm really looking forward to this title. Eurocom is "pushing the N64 to the limits" with TWINE64, and you can expect nothing short of an excellent Bond experience from the company. We'll have more on this title as it develops.

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