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GBA Release List

October 2001

Boxing Fever 10/11 Majesco
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 10/12 NewKidCo.
Driven 10/16 BAM!
Ecks vs. Sever 10/16 BAM!
Midnight Club Street Racing 10/16 Destination Software
Smuggler's Run  10/16 Destination Software
Prehistorik Man 10/17 Titus
Dokapon 10/23 Asmik
DOOM 10/24 Activision
Gadget Racers 10/24 TBA
MegaMan Battle Network 10/25 Capcom
Super Street Fighter 2 Revival Turbo 10/25 Capcom
Batman: Vengeance 10/31 Ubi Soft


November 2001

Dark Arena 11/2 Majesco
Nancy Drew 11/2 TBA
Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring 11/5 Ubi Soft
Alienators 11/7 TBA
Gradius Galaxies 11/7 Konami
Jackie Chan Adventures 11/7 Activision
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius 11/7 THQ
Kao the Kangaroo 11/7 Titus
Spyro the Dragon Advance 11/7 Havas
Super Bust-A-Move 11/7 Acclaim
Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge 11/8 THQ
No Rules 11/10 TDK
Golden Sun 11/12 Nintendo
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 11/14 Activision
MotoGP 11/15 THQ
Aerial Aces 11/16 Majesco
Grand Theft Auto 3 11/16 Destination Software
Muppet Pinball Mayhem 11/16 NewKidCo.
Wario Land 4 11/19 Nintendo
Madden NFL 2002 11/28 EA
Bass Fishing 2K2 TBA Konami
Breath of Fire TBA Capcom
Broken Sword TBA Revolution
Cruis'n Velocity TBA Midway
Donkey Kong: Coconut Crackers TBA Nintendo
Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog TBA Konami
Harry Potter TBA EA
Jurassic Park III: Chaos Effect TBA Konami
Kid Klown's Crazy Chase TBA Kemco
Midway's Arcade Classics TBA Midway
Phalanx TBA Kemco
Rampage Puzzle Attack TBA Midway
Sonic Advance TBA Sega/THQ


December 2001

Antz Racing

Empire Interactive

Army Men: Operation Green


Columns Crown


NBA Jam 2002


Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles



TBA 2001

Bonx Ubisoft
Creatures Swing!
Defender of the Crown Cinemaware
Dropzone TBA
Flintstones Conspiracy Games
Get Backers Konami
Hot Wheels Advance THQ
Mechanized Troop Kemco
Men in Black Ubisoft
MLB Sluggers Midway
Monster Guardians Konami
Monster Rancher 2 Go Tecmo
Mr. Driller 2 Namco
Ms. Pac-Man Advance Namco
NFL Blitz 2002 Midway
Pocky & Rocky Natsume
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Ubisoft
Robocop Titus
Saffire Saffire
Star Trek: Invasion Activision
Stuart Little Activision
Super Black Bass 4 Advance Starfish
Tekken GBA Namco
Tenchu Activision
The Land Before Time Conspiracy Games
The Legacy of Goku Infogrames
The Thing Konami
The Wild Thornberrys THQ
Thunderbirds SCi
Tiny Toon Adventures Conspiracy Games
Ultimate Paintball Majesco
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Activision
Wings Cinemaware
Woody Woodpecker Kemco
Worms Blast Team 17
WWF Road to Wrestlemania THQ


Spring 2002

Britney Spears THQ
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Ubisoft
Crash Bandicoot X/S Universal
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ubisoft
Diddy Kong Pilot Nintendo
Little League Baseball NewKidCo.
Mike Tyson Boxing Ubisoft
Puyo Pop Sega/THQ
Smash Pack Sega/THQ
The House of the Dead Pinball Sega/THQ
TOCA World Touring Cars Ubisoft
Ultimate Mortal Kombat Midway
World Series Baseball 2K3 Sega/THQ


February 2002

Super Mario Advance 2 (SMW) 2/11 Nintendo


March 2002

Diddy Kong Pilot 3/4 Nintendo
Mickey's Magical Quest 3/25 Nintendo


May 2002

Spider-Man: The Movie Game TBA Activision


TBA 2002

A Boy and His Blob Majesco
Aquaman TDK Mediactive
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Rare
Bear in the Big Blue House Ubi Soft
Breath of Fire II Capcom 
Choro Q  Takara
Downforce Titus
Duke Nukem Activision
Eurosoccer TBA
Fievel: An American Tale TBA
Fire Eaters: Zero Bandits TBA
Fire Emblem - Maiden of the Dark Nintendo
Futurama Fox Interactive
Genesis Smash Pack Sega
Golf Master Konami
Graffiti Tournament: Skate & Style JoWood
Iron Man Activision
Kao the Kangaroo 2  Titus
LEGO Racer LEGO Media
Magical Vacation Nintendo
Medal of Honor Destination Software
Metroid IV Nintendo
Minority Report Activision
Mortal Kombat 5 Midway
Napoleon Nintendo
Paintball TBA
Pocket Music Nintendo
Pokémon Card-E Nintendo
Sabrewulf Rare
Shining Soul Sega
Silent Hill Konami
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Capcom
Super Mario Advance 3 (SMB3) Nintendo
Tactics Ogre: Gaiden (Ogre Battle) Nintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TBA
Tengai Makyou: Oriental Blue Red Company
The Fantastic Four Activision
The Flintstones TBA
The Legend of Zelda (rumored NES port) Nintendo
The Weakest Link Activision
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf Destination
Tweety's Hearty Party Kemco
Warhammer 40,000 THQ
Yoshi's Island Nintendo
Yoshi's Story Nintendo
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