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Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

Review By:  Jared Black

Developer:  Vicarious Visions
Publisher:  Universal Interactive
# of Players:  1-2
Genre:  Platform
ESRB:  Everyone
Accessories:  GBA Link Cable
Date Posted:  5-7-03

The Crash Bandicoot franchise is a very polished and refined one, and as such I didn't go into this game expecting any major changes to the series' successful formulate.  I got exactly what I suspected, as Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is basically a new and slightly improved sequel over Crash's previous GBA outing.

This time, N. Tropy teams up with the evil (of course) N. Trance to brainwash Crash's buddies and turn them against our bandicoot hero.  Thus Crash sets out to snap them back into reality, and take down the evil duo at the same time.  Just enough to move the action forward, without being all that different from previous Crash games.

Gameplay-wise, anyone who’s ever played any Crash game knows exactly what to expect here.  Crash will break barrels, kill enemies via spinning and stomping, and ride one of several different vehicles.  And of course, he still dies if hit by a bad guy/thing once unless protected by an Aku Aku.  New to the handheld scene are the Magic Carpet, Copter (which I think actually appeared in the latest console version as well), and Freeze crates.  Over 40 different levels alternate between side scrolling, forward-scrolling, and isometric levels.  The forward-scrolling levels (wakeboarding) are still as frustrating as ever, with obstacles popping mere seconds before impact.  All of this is typical Crash however, and thus fans of the series have come to expect them.

The only real innovation in gameplay is the new Atlas Sphere levels, which feature Crash or Crunch rolling around a level American Gladiator style and are the only isometric levels found in the game.  These are done from the same perspective as the GBA Tony Hawk games (and they're even polygonal too!), which isn't surprising since the developer is the same.  These actually end up being among the most tedious levels in the game however, since the A button can be used to brake and slow down the sphere to a crawling speed.  As long as the A button is held down, players shouldn't have much trouble with these levels.  The result is that most people will hold down A and tediously crawl through these levels, while the only thing being tested is the player's patience.

The graphics are virtually identical to The Huge Adventure, with the only difference being some new artwork where required (ex: different themed levels) and the occasional polygon touch.  The familiar elements (barrels, Crash himself, returning enemy animation, etc.) all look the same, and the new ones are all done in typical Crash style.  Sound is the same story, with another excellent but familiar soundtrack and many sound effects carried over from the previous GBA adventure.


  • Sticks to the tried and true gameplay formula, which means 40+ more excellent levels of Crash goodness.
  • The sound and graphics are still spectacular on the GBA, even if they're mostly like the last one.
  • Links to the last Crash, unlocking secret levels, characters, etc.


  • More of the same isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I really wish the series would start seeing more innovation.
  • The Atlas Sphere levels are mildly disappointing, and tedious as long as the player plays smartly (AKA hold down the A button to keep the brakes on).

Final Verdict:

While I'm disappointed that there wasn't more innovation (and what's there isn't that great), I can't deny that this is another excellent addition to the Crash series.  If you're a hardcore Crash fan you have to own this, as do most platform fans in general or those who missed his last outing.

Overall Score: 8.2

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