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Ad Info
Control Pad Pro

Review By:  Andrew Joy

Publisher:  Mad Catz
MSRP:  $19.99
Genre:  Hardware
Date Posted:  3-19-03

The Mad Catz Control Pad Pro GameCube controller is by far, and almost without question, one of the best controllers I have ever used.  To extend that, it is not only the best I have used for the GameCube, but also it is the best controller I have ever used from any system.

At first, aside from providing you with another controller, the main draw for purchasing this controller is the Macro Programmable key.  Seemingly designed for the prospect of fighting games in mind, the macro feature is basically button mashing made easy, allowing you to program an extra left-shoulder button with a small sequence of buttons.  A small indicator
light lets you know when it is in use, too.  Unfortunately, the macro button has no real application outside of fighting games and the like.

Now, on to the controller's more desirable features the Mad Catz Controller's standard buttons.  Sad to say that the allure for most gamers should be the fact that the standard Nintendo GameCube controller buttons have been tightened up and even improved on this beauty.  For instance, Mad Catz has adjusted the ill-working Z-button from the Nintendo standard, allowing it to be pressed any way you like.  All the buttons of the Mad Catz controller are a crisp and firm assuring you that it has been pressed.  Unfortunately the A-button does tend to stick at times, delaying the often needed rapid game play.  Another noteworthy improvement, the Directional Pad; Mad Catz enlarged the D-pad, making it much easier to handle than the miniscule Nintendo version.  The dual joysticks of the Mad Catz controller are, without argument, the worst problem since they are quite painful at first, leaving you to fear blisters within the first hours of play.  Thankfully, however, you quickly come to forget all about them, especially in the bliss next mentioned.

Arguably the best features of the Mad Catz Control Pad Pro controller are the handles.  Designed for comfort and molded with rubber grips, you will notice the difference when you switch to this Mad Catz controller and you will definitely notice the difference if you switch back.


  • The handle - Controller nirvana just in these handles alone.
  • Enlarged D-pad makes an improvement over the Nintendo original
  • Crisp buttons let you know you are definitely pressing them.
  • Macro programmable button makes button mashing easy.


  • The A-button often sticks, hindering rapid game play.
  • First time users may be frightened off too soon.

Final Verdict:

Once you get used to the Mad Catz Control Pad Pro controller sticks and other minor hang ups, you will find a sort of gaming utopia as you wield
what are perhaps the most comfortable controller handles ever designed.  However, first time users may give up on the controller too soon, before it has really had a chance to shine and that is truly a great lose.

If you do give it a chance, though, you will be happy with your new Mad Catz controller, especially once you realize you own what most controllers, from any system, aspire to be.

Overall Score: 8.5
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