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Title:  Reviewed By:  Score: 
Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Jared Black 5.9
All-Star Baseball 99 Jared Black 8.7
Banjo-Kazooie Jesse Mason 9.0
Banjo-Tooie Chris Lee 9.5
Blast Corps Shane Sacobie 8.6
Blues Brothers 2000 Roger Taylor 6.0
Bomberman 64 Jesse Mason 6.9
Cruis'n USA Jesse Mason 3.3
Dark Rift Jesse Mason 4.0
Destruction Derby 64 Matt Douglas 3.5
Diddy Kong Racing Shane Sacobie 9.7
Donkey Kong 64 Lyenhardt 7.5
Doom 64 Jared Black 7.2
F-Zero X Roger Taylor 9.3
F-Zero X Lyenhardt 8.2
F-Zero X Jesse Mason 7.9
Goldeneye 007 Jared Black 9.7
Goldeneye 007 Jesse Mason 9.4
Harvest Moon 64 Chris Lee 9.0
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Jared Black 7.8
Hexen Jesse Mason 4.1
Iggy's Reckin' Balls Shane Sacobie 8.7
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Roger Taylor 5.5
International Superstar Soccer 64 Jesse Mason 9.2
Killer Instinct Gold Jesse Mason 7.5
Kirby 64 Jesse Mason 7.6
Kirby 64 Lyenhardt 6.7
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Christopher Coey 10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Jared Black 10
Mario Kart 64 Jared Black 8.0
Mario Kart 64 Shane Sacobie 9.1
Mario Tennis Siou Choy 5.5
Mischief Makers Jesse Mason 6.7
Mortal Kombat 4 Jesse Mason 5.0
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Jesse Mason 4.0
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Shane Sacobie 5.0
Ogre Battle 64 Roger Taylor 9.4
Ogre Battle 64 Chris Lee 9.5
Perfect Dark Lyenhardt 9.9
Perfect Dark Roger Taylor 9.6
Pilotwings 64 Jesse Mason 8.6
Pokémon Puzzle League Siou Choy 9.5
Rampage: World Tour Jesse Mason 4.7
Re-volt Marty Weisenburger 6.3
Rocket: Robot on Wheels Jared Black 9.6
Rumble Pak Jared Black 8.0
San Francisco Rush Jesse Mason 8.0
Spider-Man Marty Weisenburger 7.5
Star Wars: Episode I Battle for Naboo Roger Taylor 9.2
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Adrian V. 8.5
Starfox 64 Shane Sacobie 8.5
Starfox 64 Jesse Mason 8.8
Starfox 64 Jared Black 8.9
Super Mario 64 Jesse Mason 9.8
Super Mario 64 Shane Sacobie 9.5
Super Smash Bros. Chris Lee 9.5
Tetrisphere Jesse Mason 7.4
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (Import) Chris Lee 9.5
War Gods Jesse Mason 2.0
Wave Race Jared Black 9.2
Wave Race Shane Sacobie 9.5
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Jared Black 8.7
Wetrix  Jesse Mason 7.9
Wipeout 64 Jared Black 9.5
World Driver Championship Chris Lee 9.0
Worms Armageddon Chris Lee 8.5
Wrestlemania 2000 Chris Lee 9.0
Wrestlemania 2000 Eric Rivera 9.0
WWF Attitude Matt Douglas 9.0
WWF No Mercy Roger Taylor 9.0
Xena: Warrior Princess Jared Black 8.4
Yoshi's Story Jesse Mason 6.5
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