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Ad Info
Pelican GameCube Starter Kit

Review By:  Andrew Joy

Publisher:  Pelican
Genre:  Accessories
Date Posted:  4-5-03

The Pelican GameCube Starter Kit is a perfect package for someone who is, as the title suggests, starting with their GameCube or even someone who is looking to upgrade their equipment within a budget.  Perfect for its price,
the starter kit includes one extra long extension cord, one large Pelican memory card, and a decent controller, all for about twenty-five dollars.

The extension cable, which is advertised on the box as extra long, provides you with about six feet of extra gaming length.  So, assuming you still want cords and maybe decide to go for a short car ride while your system stays home, this Pelican bonus makes you ready.  In short, it's a perfect way for allowing long-distance play without purchasing Nintendo's wireless WaveBird
controller.  The kit also comes with a 4Mb Pelican Memory Card, offering almost twice the space of safe and tested GameCube memory to save with.

Probably the main attraction point for the starter kit is Pelican's G3 GameCube Controller that is included in the set.  Offering an excellent
Turbo Fire button combined with standard game play, but little else.  The G3 GameCube controller has all seven standard controller buttons and the said extra Turbo Fire button, an extraordinary feature that allows you to hold
any main action button down and have the key's function repeatedly activated, all while an indicator light flashes away for you.  The
controller also has a very nice and comfortable control stick, which is amply padded and great for hours of uninterrupted and pain free play.  The C-stick, on the other hand, is quite the opposite and any game requiring extended use of it will be felt after awhile.  The controller also has an unsettling hollowness about it and the buttons often seem too loose and cause an annoying "clank" with most every press.  Pelican has also made no great strives when it came to improving game play with the D-pad, which is
still small, or with the Z-button, which is still plighted by its awkward mechanics.


  • Lots of stuff for a great price.
  • Padded control stick on G3 controller.
  • Excellent Turbo Fire feature on G3 controller.
  • Extra large extension cable and memory card perform as advertised.


  • No real strives for comfort.
  • Relies on package deal draw and then satisfy patrons.

Final Verdict:

Sure it's a great deal and each included item has its bonuses (cord is extra long, the card is almost double normal space, controller has innovative Turbo Fire), but how far did you think it would get you, Pelican?  You took a deal and you tried to make it over compensate for your lack of comfort, I mean sure, a little innovative thinking can go a far, but not that far.

However, despite complaints, if you are not looking for any great leaps or bounds in your game play, then this is a great kit for you.

Overall Score: 7.0
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