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Post by Ditto McCloaker » Fri Mar 28, 2003 3:09 am

Grit reminds me of Lupin's sidekick Jigen, from Lupin the Third. Anyone else ever see that?

Sonja just became my dream girl. Must... have... intelligent girl with glasses... WOO! o_o;;

Who's this "Hawke" guy? Where's our Eagle?!

Gad, those Black Hole COs are downright, honest to God EERIE-looking. ESPECIALLY Adder.

My theory: They're all going to be 'counterparts' to Orange Star's COs. Adder looks like a demonic Grit, the Frizzy haired woman may be Sami's coutnerpart (note Sami also has big hair now), there's a big square-jawed guy for Max, and some fourth charcter who could go against Andy. Hawke may be the Black Hole Eagle.

They really gave Sturm a good makeover. He used to be Commander Snifit.

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