Best Sonic 2 improvement hack?

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Best Sonic 2 improvement hack?


Post by Artemis008 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:12 pm

I've got 4 different Sonic 2 improvement hacks each with their own pros and cons. I can't decide which one I want to stick with and want your opinion.

Sonic 1+2
-Includes all Sonic 1 zones and special stages

-Game crashes at the end of marble zone act 1 and 2, on Genesis plus GX. On picodrive it crashes as soon as the game starts.

Sonic Classic Heroes
-Includes all Sonic 1 zones and special stages
-3 playable characters
-A game mode with the chaotix tether system, great for multi-player.
-Hyper Sonic

-Level select opened from the get go, so the save feature is pointless and there's no end goal.
-Chaotix ring tether makes Labyrinth Zone nearly impossible.
-Has a few graphical glitches

Sonic 2 Delta
-Includes all Sonic 1 zones and special stages as well as a few exclusive new zones
-Extensive casino night makeover
-Knuckles fully playable
-A **** ton of extra save files
-bosses get a health bar

-New zones go from cheap to bland, with Hidden Palace being the only exception.
-Knuckles mode has a few bugs, you can clip through the wall in a lot of levels. You also can't jump high enough to reach certain special stage rings
-Sonic 1 50 ring system with Sonic 2 special stages is an absolute nightmare, especially when you bring tails along.

Sonic 2 Adventure Edition
-Tails and sonic get two separate save files
-A trials system as well as time attack
-Tails can fly

-Controls are weird
-Tails shows up in Sonic mode anyway, rendering his profile useless.
-Emblem system could have a bit more variety
-Lots of bugs, monitors don't always break open when you hit them for example.

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